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“Let’s make solar work” initiative just started in Nigeria

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Author: Olivier Drücke

The Nigerian-German know-how & technology transfer initiative on solar PV diesel hybrid systems presents a new online PV-Calculator that assesses the economics of solar investments for companies, hospitals and schools. Let’s make solar work also publishes a report on a demand-side survey among mid-sized power users. The initiative presents concrete recommendations on how to develop the solar market for SMEs and social facilities in Nigeria.   Lagos,...

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In the past two weeks, first expert seminars for solar professionals took place in Ikeja, Lagos. The seminars focus on power audits for companies and facilities, solar PV diesel hybrid systems and on diesel savings; they were quickly overbooked. Nigerian solar professionals deepened their knowledge about how to correctly size and deliver mid-scale solar PV diesel hybrid systems that help reduce considerably soaring energy bills.   Lagos,...

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