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“Let’s make solar work” initiative just started in Nigeria

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In Nigeria, solar PV business is expected to account for most of the expected growth of renewables in the future, according to respondents from a survey carried out by NESP (Nigerian Energy Support Programme).


Correct sizing and planning is a prerequisite for any new power generating equipment, whether fuelled by diesel or renewable energies. Skipping this important initial work-step is like pouring money down the drain right from the start. If well designed, solar PV in particular is a great solution to generate electricity on site by harnessing the abundant solar resources available everywhere in Nigeria. Likewise, solar thermal plants are able to generate heat and cold for housing and industry applications.


Renewable energy must come with sustainable plant concepts and durable components: Solar systems made in Germany are designed to operate a minimum of 25 years. Many solar systems, if well planned, operated, monitored and maintained are able to operate up to 35 years.

Once a solar power plant has generated enough power to compensate for its investment costs, usually after 5 to 10 years depending on the plant’s configuration, it will merely generate O&M costs, generally worth less than 2% of investment costs per year. This is why we think of solar energy to be almost for free once the pay-back time has been reached.


The ‘Let’s make solar work’ Nigerian-German initiative shares cutting-edge German know-how with Nigerian energy professionals on solar technologies, their design, operation and management. This know-how is disseminated through seminars for solar EPC companies, for trainers of technical vocational schools and for engineering students of selected universities and higher institutions.

``Our mission is to leverage the full growth potential of businesses in weak- and off-grid environments by reducing electricity cost and opening access to cost-competitive solar energy.``