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“Let’s make solar work” initiative just started in Nigeria

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Our focused power audit approach

SOLAR23’s and OneShore’s knowledge of diesel generators and in-depth long-term analysis of power loads, combined with their experience in planning and realising solar power projects provided the foundation for the development of a smart power meter and software package destined to mid-sized power generation plants between 300 kW (kilowatt) and several MW (megawatt).

OneShore OneAnalyzer

The correct sizing and integration of a diesel only or a PV-diesel hybrid system are the key factors for an efficient, stable and sustainable power supply. OneShore’s software package consisting of the OneAnalyser and OneDesign digitalises the whole process from the load measurement to the system design.

Power audit results you can bank on

When fed with self-measured accurate load information, the software package will reveal saving potentials that can help reduce the required power equipment investment significantly. It further brings full transparency to decision makers and follows the testing standard for PV diesel hybrid systems which was developed in collaboration with the German Association of Engineers (VDE) and GIZ.

  • Comprehensive load and irradiation information = Your verified solar potential
  • Accurate plant sizing, for diesel fuel only and solar PV diesel hybrids
  • Precise and bankable diesel and grid power savings
  • Less investment needed + reduced operation cost

``Our mission is to leverage the full growth potential of businesses in weak- and off-grid environments by reducing electricity cost and opening access to cost-competitive solar energy.``

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