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“Let’s make solar work” initiative just started in Nigeria

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Training Seminars On Power Audit & Power Plant Dimensioning

This Nigerian-German initiative aims at disseminating knowledge on effective ‘plug & play’ power audit tools, their implementation and advanced power efficiency methods and measures. Also, the use of solar PV diesel hybrid power supply solutions is being introduced and spread among Nigerian energy professionals. The offered capacity building programme allows Nigerian energy advisors and professionals to approach small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and social facilities. Trained energy professionals will be able to advise their clients on verified solutions for saving energy and securing a stable energy supply beyond the power grid, by harvesting the abundant solar energy resource available in Nigeria.


Our trainings are dedicated to trainers at vocational centers, higher institutions and EPCs. The trainings will also focus on PV diesel hybrid systems, the next step for diversifying Nigeria’s power generation mix. Satisfaction survey reports on the first trainings carried out in Lagos during Nov/Dec 2017 are available in the download area.

Preparatory Training Courses

1) EPC seminars for power equipment suppliers (diesel and solar) » 3 days course


2) Train-the-trainer seminars for teachers of vocational education facilities and higher institutions » 5 days course

These courses are free in the introduction phase during 2017 and 2018.

Vocational Training and University Courses

1) Power audit seminars in vocational schools


2) Power audit seminars in selected universities and higher institutions

The training contents conveyed by this initiative will be incorporated into the course offerings of vocational schools and universities.

Capacity Building Partners